Saturday, March 29, 2014

Exciting Updates

I have a couple things I wanted to share today that I'm very excited about. First of all, my novella "Love's Labyrinth" was accepted for publication by Evernight Publishing. It's tentatively set to be released in May 2014!

Auria enters the magical Labyrinth on New Year’s Eve, and its halls guide her to the 
two men she is fated to be with. Brener has loved her from afar since they were 
children, and Jhennen is a Warrior-Guard, commanding in personality and intimidating 
in physical presence. They share a life-changing, passionate night together, but come 
morning, they must decide if their one-night menage can be the beginning of something 
new. When trouble threatens to tear Auria away from her life and the two men she is 
starting to develop feelings for, their connection just might be her only hope for 

I also wanted to share my brand new website at - check it out... 
I'm pretty  happy with how it came out!

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