Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Need some inspiration?

I'm a very visual person, so when I need a little inspiration, images really do it for me. They give me ideas and light my imagination on fire. That's why I love PINTEREST so much. Have you guys checked it out? You create "inspiration boards" where you can pin images. For example, I have a board where I've been pinning inspirational writing quotes, and boards that go with some of my past and future book ideas. If you haven't yet, definitely check it out, especially if you're writing and feel stuck. Or if you're feeling bored, but word of warning - it's addictive, and it might be a few hours before you come up for air and realize how much time you've spent on it... not that I speak from experience or anything :)

Also, another fun announcement - Evernight Publishing accepted an erotic romance sci-fi short story I wrote "Pleasure Android 7.1" for publication. And best of all... it will be a FREE READ! So you get to sample some of my writing at no risk ;) It will be coming out in May 2014, hopefully around the same time as "Love's Labyrinth". Here's the blurb:

Zola is dismayed to discover that for her 40th birthday, her friends teamed up to 
purchase her a hot sex droid. She refuses to let herself get attached to a machine, 
and tries her best to avoid the temptation. He is programmed to overcome such
resistance and knows how to wear down defenses and sell himself like a pro 
using his perfect charms and impeccable skills. Though she suspects it’s nothing
more than a sales pitch, she begins to question whether beneath his perfect 
manufactured exterior can lie genuine feelings and desires.

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