Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Yay, just completed my novella! A little behind schedule, but it's all done now at 16K. Tomorrow, I will have a little more writing time than usual and my plan is to work on the contemporary short story idea I had, and maybe get the whole thing almost done. This weekend, I will hopefully get a little time, and I plan to revise the novella and the short story (which hopefully will be done by then), and submit them to Evernight. Hopefully they want them both! But I have to confess - the novella is really kinky and a little on the dirty side, so it might be a tough sell. If I can't ever find it a home, I'll have to self-publish it. I think given the chance, readers will really enjoy it, so we'll see what the editors think of it :)

Also wanted to share something cool. I was on the Big Stock Photo website and they gave me an offer to have a subscription free for 7 days - at 5 images per day, I'm getting 35 stock photos free! So if you're looking for great stock images and you're on a budget, definitely check it out. I've been surfing their site, oogling all their pics... it's been helping my creative juices flow LOL

Here is one pic I picked up... how hot is that?? It looks EXACTLY like how I imagined Nico from my short story Pleasure Android 7.1 coming next month from Evernight Publishing (and it will be free!). Anyway, in the story, Nico even wears black pants. So when I saw the pic, I had to get it:

Well, in parting, I wanted to thank those who have taken the time to check out my blog. I know I just started it, so I appreciate all of you who are willing to take a chance on a totally new blogger!

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