Monday, April 14, 2014

Got a little writing in today, after all

So now I'm to 12.5K in my rough draft... almost there. I already know exactly what I have left to write - just finishing up the scene I'm in now, do one more big scene, and then the conclusion.

Also, did get to go to the mall, and used my coupon ;) Hung out at Barnes and Noble for a bit with a Chai Tea Latte from their Starbucks, and typed up 1K words there, and then got the .5K in at my parents'. And now it's midnight, so I should be going to bed. Up with the roosters tomorrow.

One more exciting note from today - bought a Chinese Dwarf hamster. My daughter named her Sadie - we checked out a baby name database for that. She's so cute and tiny. In a couple days, we can start picking her up and I might take some pics and share. We already have one hamster right now - Lexi, a Syrian hamster.

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