Wednesday, April 23, 2014

... staying on track!

So I did pretty good today with my writing goals. 5K down for the contemporary short story I'm working on. I'm shooting for it to be about 8K and I'm right on track with it in terms of where the story is right now. Hopefully I can get it completed tomorrow so I can edit it and the novella this weekend.

Interesting tidbit - this is the first contemporary thing I've ever written. Yep. Everything before has been either fantasy, or historical, or historical fantasy, or sci fi. So this was a fun experiment and I'm enjoying it. I'm starting to think contemporary might not be a bad idea, especially for shorter works - if you're trying to keep the word count low, it helps not to have to describe a whole 'nother world of your making.

So, this was my little check in. Hope all you guys are doing good with your own goals, short-term and long-term, whatever they might be :)

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