Thursday, August 21, 2014

New book release: Saved by Perseus

My new book "Saved by Perseus" is now available from Evernight! So excited for this one. I've LOVED Greek Mythology since I was a little child. My mom used to read the myths to me at bedtime, before I even learned to read. So they've always stuck with me, and I've always wondered what those people were really like - the reality behind the myth. On the other hand, I'm also fascinated by the fantasy part of it - the totally unreal world where gods walk the earth. I went that route with this book - it's a bit of fantasy and a bit of historical fiction, mixed with a whole lot of naughtiness! I mean the myths do leave all the "fun" details out, so I just made sure to put them all back in :)

This book has a lot of funky happenings going on, and it's part of Evernight's exclusive multiple-author series "Naughty Fairytales". And here is the amazing cover... beautiful princess Andromeda, and sexy Perseus, son of Zeus. No wonder he has such a god-like body!

I'm happy to share that it was chosen to be an "Editor's Pick"!

Andromeda’s world comes crashing down when the Gods proclaim that she is to be chained to a rock and offered as a sacrifice to the sea monster that has been ravaging her lands. Terrified, she has no choice but to obey, though the tentacled creature is her worst nightmare come to life, and he has ominous plans for her. Perseus witnesses her plight and comes to her rescue, but liberating Andromeda requires more than just skill with his sword. Will his love be enough to save her not only from the monster, but from her dark past that conspires to never let her go?


When I was a little girl, a snake bit me on the ankle. My mother told the story of how I barely survived, how I had gone in and out of consciousness, flushed with fever, eyes glazed. When I dreamed, I called out about falling into a pit of vipers.

And now before me, my nightmare came to life. Tentacles surged out of the water, but they far more resembled teeming snakes. Unlike octopus arms, they had no suction cups, and ended in blunt tips. Glistening and sinuous, they blindly explored the harsh rock, covering its entire surface, exploring each crevice, and inevitably coming closer and closer to me.
I dug my heels into the rock behind me and curled my toes in. I turned my head and would have shut my eyes, but I couldn’t force myself to stop staring at the monstrosity. Tugging at the shackles did no good and only made the panic surge to a higher pitch until I felt like a wild animal about to become prey.
Only a foot from my toes now, the snake appendages roamed over the rock, some thick and large, like a man’s thigh, and some thin like my little finger. One, about the thickness of my arm, separated itself from the others and moved higher up the rock, coming toward me. I gasped and pulled away from it as far as the chains would allow.
It slithered audibly over the rocky surface and nudged at my toes. I did shut my eyes then, and turned my head into my arm.
It slipped over my foot and wrapped itself about my ankle. I raised my leg and tried to shake it off, but it only coiled tighter about me, digging into my flesh as though to warn me. It wrapped more and more around my lower leg and then began to slowly travel upward, twisting over and over, over my knee and then over my thigh.
I clamped my legs together to halt its progress, but it was far stronger. It wormed its way between my limbs and under my skirt. Slowly it came ever closer to the apex of my thighs, and when it finally reached it, and brushed against my sex, I jumped. The strong muscle rubbed against my clit as it continued to flow upward, along my torso, slowly winding its way. The friction of it rubbing at me terrified and excited me at once. My eyes still closed, I only felt it when other snake limbs joined this one. Another one twined around my other leg, and still others wrapped themselves about my arms.
“My bride,” a rough voice whispered, loud as a thunderclap and yet so quiet I was sure I only heard it in my mind. It carried the same implacable weight of power as the words of the Oracle.
My eyes flew open, and I came face to face with Cetus.

Available at:
Evernight Publishing (25% off for the first week!)

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