Wednesday, May 21, 2014


I'm so excited... this is the first cover I've ever gotten, and I LOVEEEE it. Sour Cherry Designs did such an amazing job with it. I was actually pretty specific about how I wanted it to look, and the artist managed to exceed all my expectations and still incorporate all the things I really wanted it to have.

So this is the cover to "Pleasure Android 7.1", releasing on Friday the 23rd. It is a Free Read, and a super quick one at just 5K words - something for your lunch break, perhaps? ;)

Zola is dismayed to discover that for her 40th birthday, her friends teamed up to purchase her a hot sex droid. She refuses to let herself get attached to a machine, and tries her best to avoid the temptation. He is programmed to overcome such resistance and knows how to wear down defenses and sell himself like a pro using his perfect charms and impeccable skills. Though she suspects it’s nothing more than a sales pitch, she begins to question whether beneath his perfect manufactured exterior can lie genuine feelings and desires.

And before I go... more great news. I will have my novella, "Love's Labyrinth", releasing this Friday as well! I am so excited that for my first release, I have two books coming out at the same time. And... I already have the cover for it as well, and it's awesome and very, very hawt. So stop by tomorrow for the cover reveal for my novella, as well as blurb and excerpt from it!

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