Thursday, May 1, 2014


Just catching up on where I am with my writing. I completed, revised, and submitted my fantasy novella and contemporary short story, so waiting to hear back on those.

Next on my list of projects is revising my fantasy novel. It's currently 63K and will likely get longer after the revisions. And while I'm working on revising it, I will probably be plotting out the futuristic trilogy I have in mind. I think I've decided to write that next, rather than the Dystopian series idea I have. I still plan on writing that, but probably only after I complete the trilogy. And then of course, my fantasy novel is part of a series too, so I will have to fit those in somewhere. So, staying busy!

My free trial at BigStock ended and I got 35 pretty awesome images. Here's one of me, hard at work (LOL)... actually, my novel that I am going to be revising right now has a steampunk/fantasy setting, so this totally fits:

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