Monday, June 16, 2014


Just got back last night from a few days at the beach. The kids had a blast and did not want to come back... can't say I blame them. My 5 year old son is some sort of "The Claw" machine wizard, so he was thrilled to win a few things.

Came back and was happy to see that Pleasure Android 7.1 has been #1 in the ARe sci fi category for two weeks in a row, and now it's #1 in the short stories category too... just had to share :)

Unfortunately, didn't get as much done in the way of writing lately. Couldn't write at the beach for various reasons, so it's set me back a few days. But it was totally worth it. Did lots of swimming in the 2 heated pools, and lots of sand-castle building at the beach itself. Spent some time on the boardwalk, and even got away without the kids for dinner with my husband at a Japanese place. We were suspicious going into it, but it turned out to be really excellent.

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