Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What Makes Your Day

Hi guys, please welcome Remmy to my blog! She has a brand new release she's going to tell us about and.... it's her birthday today, so happy birthday, Remmy!

Hello everyone! I am Remmy Duchene and I am SO happy to get the chance to be here so thank you for having me! Today, I’ll be talking about What Makes Your Day.
What is it about a nice day that or the start to a nice day that is just so inspiring? Is it because of the heat from the sun or is it because when the sun is out everything just seem. In HEAD OVER HEELS Case, spends his morning sitting on the beach with a cup of coffee and stared at the water and watch the sun comes up. If you’re one of my regular readers you will notice I rarely make my characters drink coffee and that’s because I’m biased since I can’t touch the stuff. I should make them drink it more often since I can’t really make them drink tons of booze without redemption.
But I digress.
For most of us, the peace of a sunrise is better than starting your day being stuck in the elevator, have to wait two hours for a tech to get you out when you have nothing but a dying phone and the voices in your head to keep your company. You see, peace first thing in the morning leaves you calm enough to deal with most if not all the drama your day throws at you—if you’re like me, a Gemini, that peace goes a long way before the stuff being heaped on your head gets to be so much you want either crawl back into bed or reach through the phone and cut someone.
So is that why waking up to a beautiful, sunny day outside better for you than a dark rainy or if you’re a Canadian in say…Calgary…windy and hailing. There are many arguments that say if you wake up to something positive and happy your day will be better and if your day is better your will be spectacular and if that’s the case then you’ll be a happier, healthier, friendlier person! We should take a page from Cage’s book (see what I did there? Cage…book? Lol) and try waking up to soothing happy sounds rather than a screaming alarm clock!
And, if getting a free copy of HEAD OVER HEELS would make your day, comment below on what makes your day for your chance to win!
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